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All About Tree Surgery

A Diverse Skillset

Tree surgeons are involved in every aspect of horticulture with regard to maintaining trees, shrubs and hedges. From diagnosing and treating diseases, pruning and shaping, splitting and chopping, planting and cultivating to taking on the difficult task of site clearance, dismantling, felling and removing dead and dying or dangerous trees safely, in a controlled way, often in small spaces within urban areas in all weather conditions. That’s a lot of things! Many are surprised when they see the diverse range of tasks and responsibilities that a tree surgeon has from day to day. We’ve built our reputation as a reliable tree surgeon in Cambridge over the years and aim to continue building connections and helping our local communities.

A Delicate Touch!

Dealing with trees and timber can often leave a stereotype that tree surgery is somewhat rough around the edges. For anyone who has been responsible for maintenance of their garden, hedges or trees, you’ll know that the finer details of tree surgery are almost an art! Jobs such as crown lifting, and formative pruning are not just about removing branches, but about ensuring precise growth, both in thickness and direction. Thus, trees and hedges can be shaped quite precisely, serving both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Various Different Environments

Qualified tree surgeons work within all areas of residential, communal, public and business establishments and will assess each case individually on its own merit before performing any dangerous task, with safety for themselves and others as priority, and risk of damage to property and land also in mind. Tree Surgeons usually work to the stated British Standards for tree work and liaise with local planning authorities to avoid prosecution.

Important Tools

Tree Surgeons work with a variety of specialist tools; chainsaws, wood chippers and shredders. Strimmers, secateurs, hedge cutters, ropes, lanyards, hooks, harnesses, lowering devices and mobile elevated platforms (MEWPS). Rigging equipment such as Karabiners are also used for rope control to assist Tree Surgeons when ascending and descending. Tree Surgeons also use spurs on diseased or decaying trees, which are metal devices that fit over shoes. The sharp spikes grip onto the tree helping with climbing and stability. This comes with an inherent degree of risk. We’ve written before on why tree surgery is so dangerous and know that we need to set an example to others. By striving for the utmost levels of safety we’ll help encourage others to hold themselves to the same high standards. Safety protocols exist for a reason when it comes to working at height and working with power tools. There is no need to take any unnecessary risks.

Honesty and Integrity

Maintaining your trees can be quite a difficult task. It is important to choose a professional and experienced Tree Surgeon who can get the best results in a safe and skilled manner. Most Tree Surgeons will offer you their honest and professional advice on managing your trees, shrubs and hedges. This advice should include your ideas and opinions on how you would like your garden to look and what is achievable and manageable for you. Tree Surgeons will always take the best approach to give the maximum impact on the look of your garden. Trees take a long time to grow so if you prune and maintain them incorrectly they will take a long time to recover… if ever! So, to achieve the calibre of finish, a skilled professional would be able to give you the standard that you require.

Valuable for Communities

Tree surgeons contribute massively to maintaining sensible levels of vegetation in public spaces. Ever wondered who was trimming back the hedge that was growing into that public path? Or who removed that precarious tree branch that was creeping ever closer towards that power line? Tree surgeons are needed year on year to help maintain the public space. While we all love nature and want trees, hedges and natural ecosystems to thrive, left unkempt, nature is an incredibly powerful force. Trees don’t care that their roots are causing walls to crack. They don’t care that a pipe is in the way, or that people might want the walk-space. Their levels of growth have to be kept in check when it comes to preserving the infrastructure.

Spreading the Word!

We are fortunate to have a team who are passionate about the art of tree surgery and love the challenges that it brings. We love building local connections and helping out local communities to maintain and improve their gardens, hedges, trees and everything else. For your personal tree surgery needs, choose local tree surgeons with proven track records. We’re based in Soham and operate in and around Cambridge, including Fordham, Ely, Newmarket, Sawston and Littleport. Check out the rest of our website, feel free to give us a call and we’ll give you a free estimate!

For more tree surgeon services in Cambridge check out Gumtree. Some may not be as qualified and established as us, but we'll leave it up for you to decide.

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