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Using Timber From Trees To Create Sash Windows

Here at TH Tree, we work with wood every single day of the week month and year. These types of wood can range from pine, oak, birch and more.

As a result, we work with loads of other industries that have a need for the wood we collect on a daily basis.

Sure, a lot of it goes to waste like the saw dust and parts of wood that are largely unusable, but even a lot of that gets used for people that simply want to burn the wood. A lot gets wasted as our priority is mostly to get a tree down rather than protect the integrity of the timber itself.

So, yes, we give a lot of wood out to various people and industries who also have to use timber on a daily basis. Interestingly enough, one industry we've been giving wood out to is the joinery business. They work with wood every day in creating windows, doors, staircases and just about anything else you will find made of wood. A company we've worked with based near us called Sash Craft Restoration Ltd are fantastic sash windows Cambridge company and have really come alive with the wood we've given them from the trees we've been cutting. One thing we've done is supply them a lot of hardwood for the new sash windows they'll be using to replace people's old windows in various homes in and around Cambridgeshire. We were fairly unsuspecting when dropping it off. It's just wood after all. What were they really going to do with it? We as tree surgeons are just used to bringing the stuff down to clear space for people and keep them safe.

It's quite phenomenal what they've been able to do with the wood we've supplied to them. For example, we delivered a load of this hardwood, which obviously looks plain and clunky, especially when we deliver it from the back of our non aesthetic tree van that you would never associate with bespoke quality joinery and more with hardened burley tree surgeons. So we drop it off just as a big lump order and leave it with them...

Tree surgeons we may be, but we can still appreciate brilliant workmanship as shown by Sashcraft. And suddenly, after really great work from Sashcraft Restoration, you notice that the wood we've given them has been formed into the most beautiful sash windows you've ever seen. We feel slightly dainty talking about windows as though they're the best thing sliced bread but they just looked awesome, we can't say it enough. Usually you wouldn't even think about a window when visiting a property and perhaps its because we knew we were going to view these specifically, but they noticeably stood out from the get go. As we approached, they looked shiny and almost glimmered in the light. Maybe we're exaggerating, or maybe they do really look that good...

We really can't take much credit as the timber now looks totally different after taking window form. All the side panels are beautifully painted white with a sealing on the outside to stop the wood getting chipped and scuffed by the environment and yobs we suppose. There's loads of other workmanship added also. For example, the sash window system itself of pulleys and levers is quite complicated and the team showed us what they'd done to make the seemingly simple mechanics work. It's far more complicated than it looks and has given us a new found appreciation for them. Another addition is the casement that surrounds the window, they completed repaired this aspect meaning that not only the wood and the glass look totally new, the actual casement that the window slots into also looks incredible. A true masterful piece across the board!

We went and visited the windows at local home near Hills road in Cambridge and were shocked to see what our lump of wood had turned into. Beautiful sash windows! These windows are obviously the good old classics that have been around for ages. They look really elegant and hold up there classic feel with ease. The house supposedly had sash windows before but they were old and dainty, now they're fresh and full of life - they look so good that we're thinking of getting these installed in our home in Soham too!

It looks like they won't need to be repaired for a very long time due to the adhesive outer layer that has been added. The panes of glass are fresh as a daisy and look seamless. We're really interested to see how they hold up to be honest. We're fairly confident that they will be strong for years to come and sure that they can be easily restored each year to keep this fresh crisp look that they have going on.

So we were really surprised that our humble trees that we cut down in a little place just outside of Cambridge called Fulbourn have appeared just a few weeks later as these phenomenal works of art that, if we're honest, make the property look stunning. And it was just a window! The trees we cut look old and withered a lot of the time so to see the trees become something like these windows instead of going to waste and instead of just being used for firewood was quite incredible! A lot of our timber gets passed over to Cambridge Stoves but maybe we should be giving these large thick trunks of wood over to joiners for them to create joinery works of art from!

It's taught us that we should be selective with how we chop and saw wood and the kinds of things that can be done with the wood once we've done our part of taking the tree down. We're looking forward to working with sashcraft restoration again and would be happy to recommend them to anyone that is thinking of getting their windows done. You can easily find them through their website or you could look for them through Yell which has a list of sash window repair and replacement guys you can sift through to get to them.They were great to work with and are clearly great workers too given the quality of the windows they produced from our humble little timber trees!

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