The majority of our work is felling/removing trees which are either obtrusive, or taking up too much space. After the bulk of the tree is removed, the stump is the last thing to go. Our tree stump removal and stump grinding services complete the process and ensure the entirety of the tree is totally removed. 

Doing so has multiple benefits for your garden.

As tree surgeons in Ely, Cambridge, Newmarket and Soham, we have lots of local experience in removing stumps and would love to help anyone who needs assistance!

Let’s have a look at some of these benefits:

The Look

Although leaving a tree stump can sometimes look tasteful (not always), eventually the stump will rot away, creating an ugly sight in your garden. Unless a stump is intentionally left for a specific aesthetic purpose, it is likely to look out of place and become an un-intended, ugly focal point. Obviously not something we want! 

Also, tree stumps can start to grow back and sprout, leaving an even more unsightly feature.

Leaving tree stumps also decreases the amount of space you can utilise for more tasteful features in your garden.


Tree stumps can be dangerous to you as well as the greenery around them. If left unkept, your stump can rot and infect the rest of your garden around it. Undesirable to say the least.

The second safety hazard is the stump itself being a nuisance. Stumps can quite easily act as trip hazards in your garden. Also, sharp pieces of bark can be sticking out of the sides, adding to their unnecessary risk profile. Although that sounds slightly pedantic to write, we have heard cases of this with kids roaming around at full speed.

A final risk is for your lawnmower. Manoeuvring in and around stumps can be a pain. Hitting the corner of the stump could also cause damage to your equipment. 


Tree stumps can be the ideal habitat for unwanted garden pests, like bugs and other wood-boring entities. As your stump starts to decay, the infestation will only get worse and your new friends will move onto other parts of your garden to destroy. If you have a tree stump that is hosting a multitude of insects and beetles, it would be a good idea to get the stump removed.

So that’s it! We just wanted to put a quick writeup out there on the reasons you would get your tree stump removed. Sure, in some instances, you might want to keep your tree stump. Especially if you know how to look after it and keep it looking fresh. 

If you ever hire us for a tree removal service, we will discuss stump removal before starting the project. Some clients want the whole tree absolutely removed, some want the stump to remain. This is up to you, but we will happily advise on the matter so you get the best outcome according to your desire.

Should you require any tree stump removal services in Soham, Ely, Newmarket, Cambridge or Cambridgeshire, give TH Tree Surgery a call! Thanks for reading! 

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