Questions to ask yourself before a tree removal service

There are plenty of tree removal services out there. It can be tricky knowing how to choose a tree surgeon. We’ve come up with a short list of questions to ask yourself and or your tree surgeon before you opt to work with them… Are they certified arborists? There are many cowboys in this industry.

3 Quick Benefits Of Our Tree Stump Grinding Service

The majority of our work is felling/removing trees which are either obtrusive, or taking up too much space. After the bulk of the tree is removed, the stump is the last thing to go. Our tree stump removal and stump grinding services complete the process and ensure the entirety of the tree is totally removed. 

Why you Should Avoid DIY Tree Surgery

With the great range and variety of trees we have dotted around our landscape in the UK, there’s no wonder that nature can often cause a bit of havoc when clashing with humans. Many large trees that were planted years ago are now a part of people’s gardens, or in streets, and they need to

A tree surgeon working in the trees

All about crown lifting

We get asked a lot about our list of services. When people think of a tree surgeon, they typically imagine a scene where someone is sawing a tree, right before the great big thing comes crashing down towards the ground, hopefully avoiding anything in its way. Tree felling, that is, the process of downing individual

Common Tree Surgery Techniques

As with anything technical, to become a skilled professional takes time, dedication and study. Tree surgery is a relatively new domain, having been formalised around the turn of the century after John Davey took the science of trees and horticulture to the next level. Over time, tree surgery has become more refined. Now, prospective tree

A tree surgeon in Cambridge

The Original Tree Surgeons

Tree Surgery is a profession that has developed over the course of the last two centuries. John Davey was born in 1846 and raised in Somerset, and is considered the father of the science of tree surgery. The son of a farm superintendent, Davey grew up learning and appreciating the farm land around him. Later

A tree surgeo trimming hedges

Hedge Trimming Guide

The world of hedge trimming is certainly not something to be taken lightly! It’s not always the case that you simply go in with your hedge trimmer, hack away, forget about it and expect your hedge to look happy and healthy. Depending on the type of plant, the weather, the time of year, you may

How to Choose a Tree Surgeon

Whether you have a couple of trees on your front lawn or you own a larger portion of land, you’ll always need some time dedicated to maintenance. For small things, hedges, bushes etc. it can be pretty easy to do it yourself with some basic tools and a little time on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

man in a tree cutting with a chainsaw

The Top 3 Qualities of Excellent Tree Surgeons

Excellent tree surgeons can be hard to find. An excellent local tree surgery company as a whole can be even harder to find. This article is as much for customers as it is tree surgeons themselves. We’ve simply compiled a short list of things we think every tree surgeon needs to do at a minimum

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Tree Surgery Perception: Is It Easy Like The Lumberjack Cartoons?

Tree surgery is no simple task. Sometimes when we explain we’re tree arborists – you can almost see the looks in people’s faces… “Tree arborists… What is that? Do they mean they just chop down a tree like in the cartoons? Don’t you just axe through it a few times, it comes tumbling down and