Whether you have a couple of trees on your front lawn or you own a larger portion of land, you’ll always need some time dedicated to maintenance. For small things, hedges, bushes etc. it can be pretty easy to do it yourself with some basic tools and a little time on a sunny Sunday afternoon. With larger trees, however, that require working at height and a little extra effort such as tree felling, you might need a local tree surgeon. Although this comes with an extra cost, if it’s an issue of safety then it’s best to take no chances. We’ve carried out numerous jobs where trees had been neglected for so long that they posed a real risk to the surrounding environment and public safety. For example, older and larger trees with a risk of falling branches, and, branches starting to reach over powerlines on the street.

When you have a problem that you know needs professional attention, how do you go about choosing one? Of course, you want someone prompt, competent and who won’t charge you a small fortune to carry out the proper job. These are a few things you’ll need to look out for to ensure you get the best job done possible.

Are they qualified?

As tradespeople, we certainly don’t want to speak ill of our fellow tradesmen. However, because a lot of trades have low barriers to entry meaning anyone could market themselves as a professional tree surgeon, for example. Buy a few tools, post a few adverts online and suddenly you’re hired to do a job you’re simply not qualified to do safely and effectively. Always check qualifications! Tree surgery is especially important because of the high level of danger that the job poses. Safety must be paramount. Our tree surgeons are City and Guilds qualified and hold level 3 diplomas in forestry and arboriculture. This means you’ll have a guarantee that we’re experts in our discipline and can be trusted to carry out all-things-tree-surgery safely and effectively.

Are they insured?

Always double check that the company you use has the necessary insurance in place. There is simply no need to risk being caught out and ending up out of pocket because you went with an uninsured company. You are totally within your rights to request to see the correct paperwork to put you at ease, before a job is carried out. We have public liability insurance up to 2 million pounds, so all the necessary coverage is in place when we do any form of work.

Do they give free quotes?

You shouldn’t be charged for a quote. It’s a tool for you to gauge how much a job would cost, that is all! Before a job is carried out, make sure you have a written copy of the full breakdown of each task that will be carried out, as well as any necessary details of waste disposal. Ask whether the quoted price includes VAT or if that is added later. There is no need to get caught out by something silly, and you keep the company honest. If a potential company is reluctant to provide you with any requested information, that should send alarm bells ringing. There is no reason for a reputable company not to provide you with details you request, as it’s simply with the aim of getting a job gone properly and not paying excessively.

What is their waste policy?

Inevitably, most tree surgery jobs leave waste behind in one form or another. For smaller jobs, such as pruning smaller trees, they can be processed in a wood chipper to break them down to make woodchip. Of course, you have the option to keep it, as many choose to do – have a look online for some ideas for what you can use woodchip for in your garden.
When it comes to larger timber, depending on the type of wood, it may be more valuable for you to sell it outright rather than have it put into the woodchipper. Alternatively, larger timber can be broken into chunks to use as firewood.

With other waste products, such as hedge trimmings, leaves and anything that can’t be chipped, this can usually be taken somewhere specifically to be used as fuel. If you’re curious, ask on the company’s exact waste policy so you know everything will be done ethically.

As with any trade service you might need, do your research and go for someone reputable who you know you can trust. Make sure you protect yourself! Thank you for reading and check back for more in the future.

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