There are plenty of tree removal services out there.

It can be tricky knowing how to choose a tree surgeon. We’ve come up with a short list of questions to ask yourself and or your tree surgeon before you opt to work with them…

Are they certified arborists?

There are many cowboys in this industry. They have no certification, formal training or grounds to declare themselves tree surgeons. Our team at TH Tree Surgery have all been formally trained through the English education system – as well as having years of experience working in arboriculture. Avoid those without insurance, licensing and certification at all costs.

At best, you might save a few quid. At worst, something could go horribly wrong, thousands might be wasted and you might have to pay for a legitimate tree surgeon to fix the mess created anyway. Best to get it right the first time!

Is a permit or permission required?

Some buildings/trees etc. are protected by the government so we don’t all go gung-ho and destroy society. Often, these are called conservation areas. Properties of certain grading and listing can’t be altered or removed without permits or special licensing. The same goes for tree removal and other arborist activities. You should be inquisitive as to if you can actually remove the tree you are trying to remove.

A cowboy surgeon obviously won’t even consider this. They just want to get in there with a chainsaw, chop the tree down, collect the money and run away scot-free. 

You can face serious repercussions by going against the government’s planning and conservation departments. It’s best to follow their rules and guidelines so as not to face large fines or prosecution in the future.

We will always check that new are permitted to remove any trees that we are hired to remove! For your safety, ours and the sake of English heritage!

Do they provide a post-removal cleaning service?

Removing any number of trees will leave you with a lot of debris.

Any surgeon you hire should have proper cleaning precautions in place, or else it is a big red flag. Many people underestimate how much mess there will be after a job – so cleaning is necessary. Although most companies WILL provide a cleaning service, it is best to check with them before hiring them. Of course, at TH Tree Surgery, we absolutely offer a post tree removal cleaning service.

How valid is the quote?

Be suspicious of alarmingly low quotes.

You can quickly find out general tree removal prices online. If you get something 1/3 of the general price, you might have to suspect that something fishy is going on… Professionals want to be paid the going rate. Tree surgery is dangerous, requires skill, has overheads and is an essential service. Pricing can be a big give away on the kind of company you are dealing with. Another question worth asking is how long the project will take. Have they asked for a tiny amount, with a deposit, because they’re going to complete the project in a month? Make sure to pin your arborist down to the day they are going to complete the work. 

Final words

To conclude, these are some of the questions you can ask a tree removal service company before hiring them. Removing a tree is serious business and you should be very confident in the team you are hiring. If you have any further doubts about us or anyone else on the market, feel free to send us a message. We are always happy to chat to anyone about trees!

If you are looking for tree surgery services in Soham, Newmarket, Ely or Cambridgeshire, give TH Tree Surgery a call or email! We would love to help out with any residential or commercial projects you have. Thanks for reading! 

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