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Excellent tree surgeons can be hard to find. An excellent local tree surgery company as a whole can be even harder to find. This article is as much for customers as it is tree surgeons themselves. We’ve simply compiled a short list of things we think every tree surgeon needs to do at a minimum in order to be considered great. To any potential customers looking for someone to take care of their trees, your surgeon should be following most if not all of this article as they are the basics of doing their job well. Let’s look at the three main factors…

1. Honesty

Just be honest. Plenty of trust is put in a tree surgery company when you hire them to do a job. If you want to have happy, repeat customers that give you referrals and think of you as soon as they think about tree surgery or tree arborists. In order to do this, you just have to be truthful about everything from the start of the process, the initial contact with the client, all the way through to completion and aftercare. We here at TH Tree Surgery would be devastated if we heard people speaking badly of us for something we lied about or did wrong… With that said, these are the following things you need to be especially truthful about, or get ready to have your name tarnished…

Time. Time is important to every single human on this planet. You should respect your clients’ time as you respect your own (if not more so). This goes for two things. Firstly, always arrive and work on the days that you arrange with your client. If you say you’re going to start the project on Tuesday, make sure you arrive on Tuesday. What more people struggle with is are the hours rather than the days. If you say you’re going to arrive in the morning, arrive in the morning. Don’t show up in the afternoon. The client might not be there to instruct/guide you.

Sure emergencies can occur to anyone, this just means you need to be great at communication to ensure that the client knows you have a legitimate reason for any time delays.

The second thing to consider with time is length of the project. Sometimes it can he hard to accurately assess how long a job will take as a load of factors are in play – but just don’t be off by weeks or months if you can help it. Give a wide range of timescales to the client so they know roughly what to expect and how long you’ll be dealing with their trees and landscape. For example, if you’re carrying out oak tree surgery on multiple trees and think it will take 5-7 days, say to the client that you expect the job to be completed within 1-2 weeks. This keeps the client in the loop.

Cost. A very important second consideration to be totally transparent about is the cost of the venture from start to finish. Much like time, sometimes it can be hard to 100% gauge the cost and how you should price the job. Although it’s hard, you should try and take full responsibility for this. After all, you’re the professional, certified tree arborist that has the experience in the field. You should be good at pricing jobs and knowing what they’re worth.

Sure, sometimes prices can creep up due to unforeseen circumstances. But this isn’t the fault of the client and you shouldn’t ‘punish’ them for this. Make them aware of any potential charges that could be incurred before you start the tree surgery or whichever tree surgery services you’re providing them. We know people in Cambridge for sure don’t like costs being sprung on them from out of nowhere and it’s probably the same for every city, not just Cambridge.

2. A Great Team

Tree surgery requires more than just one tree arborist to do a job. Especially if we’re talking about a large tree surgery project with multiple trees and problems to tackle. Tree surgery services are no walk in the park and going at it alone is just plain risky to your life. You’re dealing with a large, heavy piece of nature that can do serious damage to you, people around you and anything valuable around the tree if the tree isn’t taken care of properly.

You’re going to need to team up with one other licensed arborist at least if you’re going to make it in this trade. Not only do you need certified arborists…

They need to be brilliant team members that you can work with for a long time. This means long days as well as long months and years, potentially. Get good guys that share your vision for how you want to run the business and help clients. The team is essential for you to be successful in carrying out great work and running a great business. The trick is to get experienced, skilled AND reliable people. This can be difficult in the tree surgery trade so hold on to people like this when you find them.

We now have a dedicated team that shares our vision for TH Tree surgery, that are hardworking, skilled, experienced, reliable and want the best for our clients. We did have some trouble in and around the Cambridge area finding good guys for the team but we’ve got there now and it makes all the difference.

3. Be Brilliant With Other People

Being in business and offering a service like tree surgery means you have to be brilliant with other people. Tree surgery services are slightly different to a lot of other trades in that you won’t be in the clients property when you’re working for them. However, you’re still going to be in their vicinity and seeing them a lot, so you still need to know how to act around other people.

It’s your job to make the process smooth and easy for the client – you’re the one that’s at their property. Just be easy and understanding with the client. Maybe they can’t have noise at a certain time. Just work around things like that and start the sawing at a time that they can allow noise.

Cleanliness can be another issue. Obviously when bringing down a massive tree or any other tree surgery services you might be carrying out, there’s going to be waste created. We here at TH Tree Surgery make sure to take all waste with us at the end off each day of work. Another thing you can do is stay tidy as you work. As you’re bringing down branches, saw them and get them in your van so there isn’t clutter everywhere. This is as much a safety issue as it is a cleanliness issue…

… So there’s 3 things to think about if you’re a tree surgeon and thinking of starting your own company. If you can gain those qualities, your company is sure to succeed. You can’t go wrong with being honest, having a great team and being great with people! We will soon sign up to Checkatrade for more people to see us in the area!

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