With the great range and variety of trees we have dotted around our landscape in the UK, there’s no wonder that nature can often cause a bit of havoc when clashing with humans. Many large trees that were planted years ago are now a part of people’s gardens, or in streets, and they need to be managed as they have the potential to grow out of control and become dangerous. They can cause damage to power lines, homes, people, or succumb to harm themselves through untreated disease.

It’s sad when the time comes, but some of these trees need to be cut down, and although many people decide to do this themselves, it’s really a job for tree surgeons or arborists who have the equipment and experience to deal with the problem properly. Many who choose to handle it themselves make the wrong decision and live to regret it. 

You can call TH Tree Surgery for any kind of tree surgeon work. We are local experts based in Soham and cover the whole of Cambridgeshire!

Experienced Arborists

The behaviour of trees can be unpredictable – professional surgeons frequently see people dealing with smashed cars, damaged houses, and even death because of falling branches. Homeowners who attempt surgery on their own without the know-how, equipment, or safety measures are asking for trouble.

Certain calculations are necessary to predict how the tree/branches will fall, and even with this in place problems can still arise. There can be huge forces stored away in the tree and the wrong kind of cut can unleash these on anything that’s in the way – an experienced professional service will know how to manage these forces efficiently. 

The Correct Technique

When felling trees it is imperative that the techniques are correct, and employed to perfection. The main reason for this being that not everybody has the skills to climb around a tree whilst handling a chainsaw. A good deal of DIY tree fellers are also unaware that a path must be cleared for where the branches or tree will fall, so that nothing and nobody gets flattened. 

Equipment also comes under this, as the safety gear and tools to ensure the job is completed correctly is vital. Equipment you may need includes but isn’t limited to a helmet, goggles, hearing protection, gloves, steel toed boots. A DIY-er is less likely to have all of this at home. Again, this is the kind of equipment we have been collecting for years.

Tree Surgery is High Risk

A high risk operation such as tree surgery requires an in-depth understanding, and there can be no mistakes made when it comes to performing the task at hand. Why go through the effort and stress of getting everything to a sub-par standard, when  you can have professionals complete the job swiftly, safely, and to perfection? Allow yourself the peace of mind by steering clear of a DIY job and employ the specialists who complete jobs like these day after day. 

We’ve felled many trees in tricky situations, and we’re well-versed in health and safety regulations, as well as the different trees that are protected by preservation orders. If you happen to cut down a protected tree, even if you claim not to have known about it, it can result in a heavy fine. This is just one of the many reasons why you should use a professional tree surgery service in the first place, rather than resorting to one to remedy mistakes.

Finishing the job 

Once a tree has been cut down, have you considered what you might do with the remaining stump? To complete the tree surgery job with a clean finish, stump grinding equipment is essential. This machine will grind the stump down to below ground level, effectively completing the job to a high standard. Tree stumps can often harbor funguses which can spread throughout the garden to other trees and plants. Our professionals are practiced in using the necessary equipment and all other aspects of the job, without compromising on safety or quality. 

If you’re considering a DIY job in your garden, instead contact us at TH Tree Surgery, we’re always happy to provide free and friendly advice. You can contact us through phone, email, or the form on our contact page.

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